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free at last … from the cast

what’s red and black, really stinky, and no longer on jackson’s leg? why, his cast of course!on wednesday, april 2, jackson was finally set free from the little red beauty after a quick visit to dr. copaken’s office. when the doctor’s assistant wheeled in the large sawing machine, jackson showed no fear — only curiosity. […]

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soaking up the sun

can you go to florida without setting foot on the beach or jumping into a pool and still have fun? sure you can! just ask jackson.we spent the last week of march basking in the warm florida sun (turning a few shades of pink in the process), laughing at the scampering mini lizards who crossed […]

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easter 2008

we kicked off easter weekend with a cousins pizza party on friday night, followed through with a fun easter egg hunt on saturday and finished strong with hrutka, ham, easter pie and lots of nutroll on sunday morning. all in all, a great holiday!we were so glad to spend the weekend with all the grandkids […]

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What an adventure!

What an adventure the last few days have been for all of us! We never dreamed as we started out our week that we’d be spending Monday night at the Emergency Room. But, that’s where we were for many hours, waiting for some nice nurses to wrap up Jackson’s poor, little fractured tibia.The fun began […]

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colin’s confirmed, we’re sure of it

we traveled up to allentown for a mid-week vacation to attend colin’s confirmation mass last week. according to official estimates, 149 teens were confirmed that day, including colin. but we lost count after 20. seriously. that was a lot of kids!we were so happy to be there, though, and so proud to witness colin’s official […]

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