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Monthly Archives: April 2008

summer’s here / sarah’s communion

grandma and grandpa arrived on their way back from florida last week and brought with them lots of warm sunshine! we were glad to have it. it felt like summer all week. we celebrated grandpa’s and molly’s birthdays with a trip to la paz and ben & jerry’s in downtown frederick. it was jackson’s dream […]

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hammer time

when mommy and i walked to frederick high school to meet daddy at the TACT autism walk, little did we know the fun that was in store! home depot had set up a workshop area where kids could construct their own, little wooden benches. it was sunny and hot, but somehow I managed to squint […]

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first ‘official’ haircut

jackson has been going to bad hair day? salon (yes, the question mark is on purpose!) with dad since, basically, he was born. and a few months back, rose was good enough to start trimming his blonde locks as he sat on daddy’s lap. last month daddy decided that jackson was old enough to warrant […]

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free at last … from the cast

what’s red and black, really stinky, and no longer on jackson’s leg? why, his cast of course! on wednesday, april 2, jackson was finally set free from the little red beauty after a quick visit to dr. copaken’s office. when the doctor’s assistant wheeled in the large sawing machine, jackson showed no fear — only […]

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soaking up the sun

can you go to florida without setting foot on the beach or jumping into a pool and still have fun? sure you can! just ask jackson. we spent the last week of march basking in the warm florida sun (turning a few shades of pink in the process), laughing at the scampering mini lizards who […]

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