jackson-isms: crazy sayings from a crazy kid

– “hi macs, we’re back!!” – as we get back onto the highway in traffic, referring to tractor trailers.

– “these look like beautiful!” – after decorating easter eggs.

– “shoe hands! shoe hands!” – wearing mommy’s shoes on his hands.

– “look daddy, it’s like a playground!” – after eating all the edges off his cheese.

– “it’s barack obama’s flags!” – pointing at a bunch of american flags flying in the wind

– “don’t shake it with your head, just say it with your mouth!” – letting mom know to speak “yes” and not shake “yes”

– “i told brooksie it is ‘on demand’, and he is a good listener.”

– “this looks like rabbit poop.” – while eating peanuts

– “just a minute, i got to check my email.”

– “i love my sister all the day, ’cause i’m her big brother.”

– “dad don’t talk to me! i’m just conster-strating!” or concentrating, for all you non 3-year-old speakers out there!

– to molly: “you need to get a haircut, your hair is getting blonder.”

– “um, guys? i don’t think i want a HUMONGOUS banana.”

– “i want to see your face card!” to molly, when looking for her driver’s license in her wallet

– “i’m hot for ice cream!” to molly and grandma after coming in from outside

– “i’m not food, i’m a people!”

-“why is the sky so high up there?”

-“you can’t see the green on the trees at night. at night, they are black.”

-“blood goes through your heart. it goes really fast when you’re running, and when you’re walking, it goes slow.”

-“i sent a mesh-age to america.” after experimenting with a telegraph machine at a train museum in ellicott city

-“my piece of gum goes like a rainbow to the other side of my mouth! i just take my tongue to the side and … flip it!”

– i love you so much, mama. i even love you when you’re at work!

– i watched a movie last night while i was sleeping! it was under my eyes!

– mom, this candy is so good. it takes 90 thousand years for my mouth to say “hey, i’m sick of that taste.”

– (as pat benetar is singing ‘christmas in america’ on the radio) hey lady, it’s still 8 days away!!

– “hey, that’s the move my jacket song i like!!!” – in response to hearing ‘moves like jagger’ by maroon 5

– after listening to the song “come on eileen” for a few minutes: “where are they going?”

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