Big Apple Circus

Shockingly, Jackson made it to almost 15 months old without ever seeing a live circus. How did Kurt allow that to happen?!?

The situation was remedied this past weekend, when Kurt, Marcia, Dave, Molly and Jackson all traveled to the Dulles Town Center in Virginia to see the 30th anniversary season show of the Big Apple Circus on Sunday.

The show was called “Celebrate!” and it was a wonderful celebration, for sure.

Jackson’s favorite parts of the show were “How Much Are Those Doggies in Macy’s Window?” during which a group of wonderfully trained poodles performed a variety of tricks, in drag; and “Let the Party Begin,” which featured about a half-dozen horses, almost close enough to touch.

During the entire two-hour show, Jackson was mesmerized. He loved looking at all the other children and was amazed at all of the tricks going on in front of him.

Mom and Dad and Grandma and Grandpa had a fun time, too. It was neat to finally have a little guy to take with us to a circus!

It was Jackson’s first circus, but definitely won’t be his last. Grandpa has already said he’s probably going to take him to enough circuses that he’ll start to say “Grandpa, do we really have to go to another circus??”

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