sushi 101

a few weeks ago, dave and molly had the pleasure of participating in “sushi 101” at the kitchen studio in frederick. if you live around frederick, but you’ve never heard of the kitchen studio, shame on you! it’s a fantastic little space that has been around about 5 years. it’s run by the fabulous chef christine, also known as @frederickfoodie, who is nothing if not supportive and entertaining throughout the class!dave’s a pro! seriously, after a short while, we both really got the hang of rolling our own sushi. it’s not so hard, especially when all the ingredients are chopped and ready for you in little bowls!

(please forgive the quality of these photos, as all were taken with our camera phones!) these are molly’s favorite to make, and to eat — love the electric orange roe!

there’s chef christine, giving dave some pointers.

mmm… shrimp and cucumber! delightful!

and the best part? we got to have a sushi-eating feast at the end of class! hooray! thanks to chef christine and all the others in our class for making it a memorable night. we will surely be back to learn more at the kitchen studio soon!

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