this year’s theme for jackson’s valentines is “let your love grow!” and the whole family got in on the act, creating 33 valentines for jackson to distribute today to classmates (30) and teachers (3) at school!

molly found mini white seed envelopes on ebay, and jackson helped her buy sunflower seeds at home depot. dave modified the growing directions from the back of the seed packets and printed and cut them to fit on the envelopes.

jackson’s main duty was to pick out two good seeds and deposit them in each envelope. he also helped with gluing and did a GREAT job writing his name on many of them. (he’s had challenges before with writing small in a small space, but this time, he did such a nice, neat job!)

phoebe didn’t want to be left out, of course, and created her own artwork. then she promptly bit the head off one of the (thankfully) washable markers! she’s a crazy little girl!

and here they are! we hope you “let your love grow” this valentine’s day!

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  1. When I grow up and have a family, I hope to be as creative, fun, wholesome, and inspirational as the Spence family! Happy Valentine’s Day! 😉

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