Spences Go West 2015 | Day 1 | July 17 | Frederick, Md. to Le Roy, Ill.

Today was the day we began our road trip out west, to visit the extended Spence Family at the Grand Tetons! Day 1 was all about being on the road. Our alarm woke us up at 3 a.m., we packed our coolers, woke up the kids, and were on the road by 4 a.m.

Photo Jul 17, 4 40 00 AM_upload

Stop 1 was a gas station for coffee before sunrise. Necessary.

Photo Jul 17, 8 21 49 AM_upload

By breakfast time, we had made it through Pennsylvania and West Virginia and just over the border into Ohio. Breakfast at Sonny Boy’s in Bridgeport…

Photo Jul 17, 8 22 21 AM_upload

The reviews said it was the perfect little “greasy spoon” and it was. Cheap and yummy eggs, pancakes and coffee hit the spot.

Photo Jul 17, 1 52 34 PM_upload

By late afternoon, we were ready for lunch. We had made it to Indiana and grabbed some pizza in Richmond at a fun place called Pizza King. Each table has a phone to call in their order to the kitchen.

Photo Jul 17, 1 59 03 PM_uploadPhoto Jul 17, 2 32 41 PM_uploadPhoto Jul 17, 6 09 45 PM_upload

Back on the highway, and we noticed a plane flying low and diving. It was a crop plane! It came so close to Jackson’s window.

Photo Jul 17, 7 20 53 PM_upload

We finally made it to our home for the night, Moraine View State Park in Le Roy, Illinois! We had a great site right next to the lake.

Photo Jul 17, 7 22 13 PM_uploadPhoto Jul 18, 7 15 33 AM_upload

We were exhausted from all the driving, so it was early to bed for all of us. A great first day on the road!

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  1. Great blog about your first day on the road. Good luck and safe travels. See you in Jackson, Jackson.


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