Spences Go West 2015 | Day 2 | July 18 | Le Roy, Ill. to Canton, S.D.

Day 2 was another long driving day, but we did manage to fit in some fun between the miles. After some birdwatching and organization at the campground and a quick trip to Target for some supplies, we were on the road to Iowa.

A Photo Jul 18, 8 53 15 AM (1)_uploadB Photo Jul 18, 9 29 43 AM_upload

Goodbye, Moraine View State Park! We didn’t love the goose droppings everywhere or your kinda gross bathrooms, but the lake view was awesome!

C Photo Jul 18, 9 58 54 AM_upload

Phoebe, (almost) 6 going on 16, singing along (loudly)  to Rilo Kiley’s “Accidental Deth” on the road.

B Photo Jul 18, 12 07 10 PM_upload

The people of Iowa welcomed us.

C Photo Jul 18, 12 07 30 PM_upload

Thumbs up from the driver as we cross the Mississippi River.

Photo Jul 18, 1 48 46 PM_upload

When we were ready for lunch, some quick online research led us to Dewitt, Iowa’s “grandest park,” according to the city’s parks and recreation department. Lincoln Park was just right for a quick picnic and some playground time. Not to mention staring at this … interesting statue. (Is it a beaver?)

E Photo Jul 18, 1 26 24 PM_upload

A Photo Jul 18, 10 04 04 AM_upload

So many wind turbines, everywhere we look.

Photo Jul 18, 4 20 07 PM_upload

We made it to the Field of Dreams in Dyersville, Iowa in the late afternoon. It was a very hot and sunny day, perfect for baseball!

Photo Jul 18, 4 46 27 PM_uploadPhoto Jul 18, 4 48 36 PM_uploadPhoto Jul 18, 4 54 14 PM_uploadPhoto Jul 18, 7 30 29 PM_upload

“If you build it… he will come.”

Photo Jul 18, 3 39 57 PM_uploadPhoto Jul 18, 3 44 17 PM_uploadPhoto Jul 18, 3 45 40 PM_uploadPhoto Jul 18, 3 47 15 PM_uploadPhoto Jul 18, 3 47 36 PM_upload

W Photo Jul 18, 7 32 00 PM_upload

Alas, no Kevin Costner or James Earl Jones sightings, so it was time to “Go the Distance” across the rest of Iowa and into South Dakota.

X Photo Jul 18, 10 13 38 PM_upload

We watched a gorgeous sunset along the backroads of Iowa at about 9 p.m. We were trying very hard to make it to the Blue Bunny Ice Cream Parlor in Le Mars, Iowa before its closing at 10 p.m., but were thwarted by multiple road closings. Down dirt roads in the dark, tired and frustrated, we gave up. Bellies empty of ice cream yumminess, we pulled in to Newton Hills State Park in Canton, South Dakota at about 11:15 p.m.

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  1. So many adventures, so little time. Looks like you’re making the most of it. Glad the birdwatching has been productive.

  2. I love the Field of Dreams pics. One of my favorite movies. Thanks for posting and have a wonderful trip.

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