Spences Go West 2015 | Day 5 | July 21 | Cody, Wyoming to Grand Tetons National Park

After a long night at the rodeo, we woke up at the Cody KOA surrounded by motorcyclists and tons of free pancakes. We filled up on coffee and breakfast and let the kids bounce on the giant bouncy pillow, then headed to town to visit the Buffalo Bill Center of the West, an awesome set of six museums that is affiliated with the Smithsonian Institution. It includes a natural history museum, a firearms museum, an art museum, an Indian museum, and an entire museum dedicated to the life of “Buffalo Bill” Cody.

Photo Jul 21, 8 14 31 AM_upload

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First stop was the natural history museum, where we tried some horns on for size.

Photo Jul 21, 10 03 39 AM_uploadPhoto Jul 21, 10 19 07 AM_uploadPhoto Jul 21, 10 19 20 AM_upload

We learned all about western wildlife, including this cute fella.

Photo Jul 21, 10 29 51 AM_uploadNext, we walked through a ghost-like talking hologram of Buffalo Bill Cody himself to enter the museum dedicated to his life.

Photo Jul 21, 10 56 26 AM_upload

Bill Cody, a man before his time.

Photo Jul 21, 10 53 18 AM_uploadSGW15_DSS_0721_001

We played a round of a real Buffalo Bill board game after the kids posed among life-size artists’ renderings of the game pieces. Very fun (kinda like Candyland, but with Indians and bison).

Photo Jul 21, 11 24 20 AM_upload

Dave and the kids especially liked the firearms museum, including this fun game, based on an old west saloon game. Phoebe kept looking up Teddy Roosevelt’s guns here (her obsession with him grew from our visit to Mount Rushmore).

Photo Jul 21, 11 38 00 AM_upload

Phoebe chatted up this cowboy, doing a lasso demonstration, and got lassoed herself! (Video to come)

Photo Jul 21, 12 13 14 PM_uploadSGW15_DSS_0721_002

Outside the museum, we explored this tipi, and Phoebe showed off her pre-birthday present bison purse.


We ventured over to an outdoor Chuckwagon demonstration, where a cowboy was handing out samples of really delicious cowboy coffee and baked beans. (Aunt Lynne has been calling Hurley a chuckwagon for weeks, and now the kids know why!)

Photo Jul 21, 12 00 11 PM_upload

In his Dutch oven, a batch of sourdough biscuits was baking. Once Phoebe heard that, she wouldn’t leave until she could have a sample. So we waited and chatted until they were ready.


She had four helpings. (They were really yummy.) And we took home the recipe.


After a short stop at Sierra Trading Post to buy some new sleeping pads (thanks for the air mattress, Kurt, but after three nights of midnight deflating, we retired it), we were on our way to the Grand Tetons via the East Entrance of Yellowstone National Park.

Photo Jul 21, 4 38 49 PM_upload

Just a few quick jumps out of the car for some neat scenery….



Jackson says he’s ready for adventure with the rest of the Spence Family in the Grand Tetons!

Photo Jul 21, 9 47 23 PM_upload

Cheers to the Spence ladies, and especially to Aunt Jo, on her birthday evening!

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