welcome phoebe kate!

our family got one bigger this morning at 8:34am, with the arrival of phoebe kate spence! she surprised us with a very quick delivery, and is doing awesome, sleeping and eating! mom did an incredible job and is in great spirits!

mom and phoebe

i'll lay sideways if i want to!

she’s bigger than jackson was — weighing in at 8 lbs, 7oz and 20 inches!

hey, where's my blanket?

getting my first hairdo!

her first of many hairstyles, we’re sure!

layin' around

what up?!?

my big brother, jackson

jackson was in love at first sight! he was disappointed he couldn’t take her right home with him.

he loves me!

grandma and grandpa were my first visitors

proud grandparents — today is their 39th wedding anniversary.

kisses from mommy and jackson!

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