#2 on the way


our family of three headed to the doctor’s office today to check out some pictures of the little one who will become our number four. it was a long wait for our appointment, but jackson kept us busy with all the toys in the waiting room.

once we were in the exam room, molly got situated while jackson and dave were impressed by the giant-screen television up on the wall that let them see the ultrasound photos too!

according to the tech and doctor, all looked well. we’re halfway through, only 20 more weeks until a brother or sister will be here to hang out with jackson!

the baby moved around a lot during the procedure, but stayed mostly face down. we did manage to get the fun shot above, when the baby opened his/her mouth to yawn!

jackson is starting to understand all the changes we’re going to be going through very soon. he likes it especially when the doctor lets us hear the baby’s heartbeat. we’re all very excited to welcome the new one.

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