free at last … from the cast

what’s red and black, really stinky, and no longer on jackson’s leg? why, his cast of course!

on wednesday, april 2, jackson was finally set free from the little red beauty after a quick visit to dr. copaken’s office. when the doctor’s assistant wheeled in the large sawing machine, jackson showed no fear — only curiosity. apparently most little boys and girls — and grown ups too — scream and cringe and generally freak out about the saw. not our little guy. he just watched in awe as it went to work, cutting several long slits into his bright red cast.

even though his leg has already grown new bone around the injured area, since jackson is a super-active toddler, the doctor advised that he wear a removable brace/boot, called a wee walker, for about 2 weeks.

without the brace, jackson is totally able to walk, but he takes his time and does baby steps. with the brace, he’s much more confident, running around everywhere he goes. this, we know, is exactly why he needs the brace — to protect his poor little leg from his rowdy little body!

and thus our broken tibia adventure comes to a close. we’re all a little older, a little wiser, and a little more freaked out as well. here’s hoping this is the last time jackson ends up in a cast (please?!).

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