soaking up the sun

can you go to florida without setting foot on the beach or jumping into a pool and still have fun? sure you can! just ask jackson.

we spent the last week of march basking in the warm florida sun (turning a few shades of pink in the process), laughing at the scampering mini lizards who crossed our paths, lunching by the water and just having fun with grandma and grandpa in the stuart/jensen beach area.

jackson was still cast-bound throughout the trip, but he didn’t really notice. he managed to crawl around a few playgrounds and splash at the edge of the pool when his mommy and daddy took a dip. and he was quite a good shuffleboard helper, even if he wasn’t able to ratchet up his mommy’s pitiful score!

jackson’s cast also afforded us pseudo-celebrity status at the airports. before both flights, we were escorted to a special area at security so jackson’s hands and cast could be checked for explosives residue. now, we’re aware that jackson is a very smart little boy, but we kinda doubt he’s that advanced… i guess you never know what a terrorist really looks like!

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