snow day!

well folks, we are in full winter mode in frederick. around mid-morning – just after molly, dave, jackson and nana and pop pop went out for breakfast – it started snowing here and has been going nonstop.
nana and pop pop decided to stay another day in frederick. guess they needed one more day of wintry weather before heading south for florida sunshine!
so.. .jackson, brooks and dave decided to play in the white stuff after lunch. the three of us got all suited up, literally, and headed outside. brooks dove right into the snow and started running in circles around jackson and daddy. he just loves the snow. of course he had his sweater and mutt-luks (doggy boots) on! jackson was all bundled up in his brand new (3 months ago) snowsuit from grandma and grandpa.
at first a little unsure of the concept of snow, jackson decided it was pretty cool and decided to roll around in it! dave took the opportunity to make a giant snowman, which promptly died 15 minutes after coming to life. i guess the snow was to wet and heavy!
after exploring for awhile, the boys decided to pack it in and go inside for some milk and cookies. another fun day in maryland!

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