getting ready for christmas

We’ve spent the last few weeks sloooowly getting ready for Christmas. It all started with the arrival of our new dishwasher. An early Christmas gift!

Our professional consultant, Jackson, was a huge help in the installation process, of course. And he’s had no trouble adapting to unloading the new model, after mastering our old machine at the ripe old age of 13 months.

This past weekend, we enjoyed a visit from Aunt Jill, who got more than a few huge belly laughs out of the J-man. Jill and Molly took a marathon wreath-making class Saturday, and lugged their … lovely creations … through downtown Frederick after class, attracting a few stares. (See the amazing results at right!)

On Monday, Molly spent her lunch break with the boys picking out the family Christmas tree at Tammy’s Garden outside of Walkersville. We found a nice, small, bushy tree — perfect for our living room. Now, we just have to decorate it!

We’ll do it… eventually!

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