thanksgiving 2007

when it came time to talk turkey, dave, jackson, molly and brooks headed up the pennsylvania turnpike to doylestown.

this year, the holiday was filled with visits with friends (including the new whomsleys, the hylands and the “hoodlums”) and, of course, family (including grandma and grandpa spence, grandma edna, and the barainyaks).

the long weekend started out unseasonably warm. it was so warm, in fact, that dave sat outside in short sleeves while frying up our locally raised, free-range turkey! but, by the end of the weekend, freezing temperatures were back, prompting jackson to try on his new snowsuit (see photo at left).

this year, we were thankful to spend a nice, long several days in pennsylvania, enjoying the fresh air and gorgeous fall colors. each of us participated in the meal in some way. dave baked up two pumpkin pies from scratch, and fried our turkey to perfection. marcia, molly and beth rounded up the side dishes, jacob mixed the corn muffins and kurt and paul? … well, they added their voracious wit! and did their share of the dishes as well.

before our trip began, we lunched with nana and pop pop, an early anniversary celebration! and, as the weekend wrapped up, we even managed to sneak in a visit with jill, tim and colin, who dropped in for brunch on their way home from virginia! (thanks for the fractured prune doughnuts!)

to all of you who we did not see this holiday, we missed you, we love you, and we are thankful you are in our lives. much love this holiday season!

(to see additional photos of our thanksgiving, click on the title of the gallery above.)

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