weekend with the barainyaks

24 hours hanging with the barainyaks — the recipe for a perfect weekend, according to jackson!

molly and jackson arrived in collegeville on saturday afternoon. after some horsing around in the playroom, we all piled into the minivan and headed to ikea and the plymouth meeting mall. some heavy-duty shopping was followed by a fabulous dinner at the food court!

next, josh, jake and sarah showed jackson how to play a cool floor game and then nearly strangled him when they all piled into a photo booth.

next, it was time for jackson’s first-ever carousel ride, and he was a bit overwhelmed. sarah spun the teacup with her brothers in it so fast, that she almost made them throw up! but it was fun for all!

on sunday, molly, sarah and beth had a “girls morning” and went to Trinity to meet some of beth’s coworkers and check out her new office. then, we went out to breakfast! later, we all went to sarah’s championship soccer game — she and her team won! but jackson was too busy running around the soccer fields, down hills, kicking the balls and screaming the whole time to notice!

it was a super-fun weekend, and jackson had a hard time leaving — and a hard time falling asleep on sunday night. he was busy dreaming about all the fun he had with his cousins.

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