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  • our kindergartner

    our kindergartner

    today, jackson became an official kindergartner! he’s now among the oldest students in miss heidi’s class at monocacy valley montessori public charter school, where he has attended for the last two years. he has the same teacher, and is in the same classroom, but now he is the “big man on campus,” and gets to…

  • dave’s 35th

    dave’s 35th

    dave turned 35 on 10/10/10 and to celebrate the occasion, we picked up some live lobsters at the grocery store! the original plan was to go surf-and-turf, but the lobsters alone posed enough of a food challenge for us novices!here’s the birthday boy, getting ready to dig in! it wouldn’t be a spence birthday without…

  • phoebe’s 1st

    phoebe’s 1st

    our sweet phoebe has been with us for a full year, and to celebrate that milestone, molly made a cooler full of cupcakes and plenty of homemade icing, and we headed up to pennsylvania. all of her fellin-side cousins, aunts, uncles, and nana and pop pop, came to eagle rock for a cookout, swimming, and…