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  • christmas time in d-town

    christmas time in d-town

    shortly after arriving home from our whirlwind tour of eastern pennsylvania, our family’s portable hard drive took a turn for the worse and we thought all (meaning our last 6 years’ worth of personal images and videos) was lost. after a few friends tried to help out, we turned to some pros. and voila! we…

  • adventures with pop pop & nana

    nana and pop pop spent the weekend with us in frederick, and we couldn’t have enjoyed it more! (see more photos by clicking here.) they arrived friday night and stayed all the way to monday morning. molly and jackson had lots of fun with them while dave worked at two weddings! though we have no…

  • our first strawberries!

    we planted a small strawberry bush in our garden last year, and i think we tasted exactly one berry before the birds ate the one or two others that actually grew. but this year, things are looking up! the bush has many blossoms and in the last few days, a few of the berries have…

  • new road

    yay! jackson and dad are having fun watching the worker men and dumper trucks put in a new road along our corner today!! good thing we got our errands done early today!!

  • so long march!

    jackson and i celebrated the last day of march with a little outdoor picnic of hot dogs and chips, with a yummy rice pudding dessert. thanks mom! ah, march. you were so cruel and crazy with your weather, this last day being almost 60 degrees! lets have a good spring and more nice days! yeah!