flower power

we are just loving all the lovely flowers popping up in our backyard in the last week or so, though we cannot name most of them! both dave’s and molly’s moms have helped us fill in our garden spaces with some colorful blooms. the daylilies’ orange blossoms are sprinkled throughout the borders of our backyard. large hydrangea bushes that came with the house are really producing pretty light blue, purple, and pink flowers as well. molly’s mom helped us plant an absolutely gorgeous electric blue flower (delphinium — thanks Susan!) next to our back stairs that grew very tall and thin. it actually grew so tall that it fell over! so we cut the main stem off and plucked some of the bright blue blooms last night to put in our hair!

our hydrangeas produce mostly blue flowers, but we can get a few pink and purple blooms every once in a while. we grabbed this bunch to put on our dining room table. so lovely!jackson wanted a flower for his hair, too! he put a few of these blooms in a tiny vase and has been carrying them around with him, up to his room at bedtime, then down to the playroom in the morning. he just loves them.look at that pretty blue-eyed girl!yay, hydrangeas! 🙂

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