to continue the 2010 theme of “pick-your-own,” we headed to baugher’s in westminster to see what kind of apple crop they were offering. and we were not disappointed! what a great farm! they had tons and tons of apples, hanging low enough for even the kids to grab and fill their bags. these red delicious (above) were so tasty, and so easy to gather!

we brought along our friends zach and kim on the super sunny day. we spent hours at the orchard, taking a hayride down to the apple trees and back, then waiting in a really long line to pay. luckily, they had delicious homemade ice cream for sale, and a big play area with a wooden train for the kids to stretch their legs!

even phoebe loved eating the apples!

thanks, grinevs, for joining us on our adventure!

yay for the crazy apple guy!

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