tire swing – whee!!!

we had talked for a long time about putting in a tire swing in the front yard. the gigantic tree in front of our house was just perfect for it, with lots of branches and plenty of room around it. first jackson picked out the green rope we would use to attach it to the tree.

then, finally, jackson and dave went over to best foreign auto, the auto parts graveyard behind our house where we often see mashed-up cars getting forklifted high into the air. they picked out an old tire from a giant bin for 5 bucks! and we were golden.

dave’s tree-climbing skills were put to good use, as he attached the swing to a high branch. we covered the rope with a rubber bicycle tube, so that where it rubbed against the tree branch, it wouldn’t rip.

now, this is a photo in need of a creative caption!

getting ready for their first ride!

whee!!!! (this is what phoebe now says every time we pull in to the driveway, while pointing at the swing: “phoebe, whee?!!!”)

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