santa train!

when we opened our advent calendar for december 17th, we found a slip of paper telling us that this was the day to ride the walkersville southern railroad’s santa train! hooray! we missed the train last year, and couldn’t wait to see the big guy again this year…

we had a nice, long scenic ride before santa came and sat down next to us!

when the big guy finally arrived, the kids were pretty shy. after some prompting, jackson was able to tell him a few things from his list. and give him a hug. phoebe? none of the above.

hooray for the walkersville southern! we’ll be back for another excursion soon!!

2 responses to “santa train!”

  1. What great memories you are creating!! Looks like it was lots of fun!! Love the looks on Phoebe & Molly’s faces…not sure who enjoyed it more 🙂 See ya in a few days!!

  2. David
    Always love ur pics & stories–
    Great to re-live those precious days
    Via ur little ones, tks much
    Emily et al were in fla over tks-giving
    Corey & Kelley to be wed in sept !
    Merry merry
    Judy & syb

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