it’s wintertime, and we all know what that means — swimming! seriously. for some reason, we always seem to sign up for winter swimming lessons for the kids. thank goodness the hood college swimming bubble is back in action. we love taking the kids there for lessons. the college kids who teach them are always super. patient, kind, and knowledgeable. this year was no different, as we enrolled phoebe in her first set of lessons. we were a bit nervous for her — she hasn’t been around water much, and judging from her brother’s first swimming lesson at hood (which you can revisit by clicking here), we weren’t sure if she’d flat-out refuse to go in the pool, or jump in and love it! guess which one it was …

while phoebe was all smiles in the pool, molly and jackson were busy posting photos online and playing games.

the only part phoebe didn’t like so much was being on her back. but she toughed it out, and really enjoyed herself! next, it was brother’s turn…

jackson walked right down the ramp and into the pool, no problem!

when it was his turn to jump into the pool, he was super-apprehensive. but his teacher talked him into it, and he jumped… about one inch from the edge, but still!

and the important thing is, he kept doing it. kept jumping even though it really scared him. what a guy!

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  1. Good for Jackson and Phoebe! Looking at the pictures of Jackson reminds me of his father hanging onto the edge of a friend’s pool for deal life, barely in the water he was so afraid. Do you remember, David? xxoo

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