springtime with the spences

spring has sprung, as they say, and the spences have been taking advantage of the great weather! we kicked off the season with a trip to conyngham for easter. the kids were anticipating the weekend for a long time, talking about the impending egg hunt and spending time with nana and pop pop, their cousins, and aunts and uncles. (jackson said one day: “you know what? i think holidays are so fun because we get to see all our family and hang out together.” our thoughts exactly!) here’s the kids in their easter finest (with a shout-out to aunt lynne for finding phoebe’s adorable dress, which she did not want to take off – ever).

we couldn’t resist including this nice family portrait of the fitzgeralds. is it possible that colin has gotten even taller this year?! can’t believe he’s finishing up his senior year of high school. yowza!

and we’ll finish off the set with queen phoebe. after an impromptu trip to burger king, the miss decided that she should now always be called “the queen”! whenever someone comments on her crown (which she wore for several days, absolutely everywhere she went), she told them “i’m the queen!!”


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