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  • springtime with the spences

    springtime with the spences

    spring has sprung, as they say, and the spences have been taking advantage of the great weather! we kicked off the season with a trip to conyngham for easter. the kids were anticipating the weekend for a long time, talking about the impending egg hunt and spending time with nana and pop pop, their cousins,…

  • ode to halupki

    when I was a little kid, halupki were a staple in the fellin family’s diet. pretty frequently, the little beauties would be boiling away in a pot on the stove, and the ketchup would be set out on the table, and then it would be time to stuff our faces with stuffed cabbage. it wasn’t…

  • christmas with the fellins

    bingo, games and presents!

  • phoebe’s 1st

    phoebe’s 1st

    our sweet phoebe has been with us for a full year, and to celebrate that milestone, molly made a cooler full of cupcakes and plenty of homemade icing, and we headed up to pennsylvania. all of her fellin-side cousins, aunts, uncles, and nana and pop pop, came to eagle rock for a cookout, swimming, and…

  • happy 4th birthday, jackson!

    happy 4th birthday, jackson!

    we brought together many of jackson’s biggest loves — train rides, the circus, animals, bright colors, and his best friends — to celebrate his 4th birthday. the centerpiece of the party was a colorful cupcake tower, featuring the birthday boy on top, clowns, and of course, lots of sprinkles! (props go out to martha stewart’s…