spa time!

balconyok, so pretend that the random woman above is actually molly — or my sister, beth. you see, we were both way too busy relaxing and soaking up the loveliness at the spa at hotel hershey on sunday, that we didn’t take any pictures at all! but that’s exactly what it looked like.

we started our day out right with the luxurious breakfast buffet in the circular dining room at the hotel hershey. all I have to say is … wow! if you ever have the pleasure of eating there, please eat the waffles with fresh whipped cream! I ate so many of them that I didn’t even have to eat lunch or dinner!

after, we checked into the spa and received our luxurious yellow robes and black sandals and were shown into the locker room where we could change and keep all our belongings. I have to admit — it was sort of strange to see dozens of other people walking around, all wearing identical robes and shoes, all looking dreamy and relaxed.

we spent the afternoon at the pool, then in the various “relaxation rooms” before I got my prenatal massage and beth took her reflexology treatment.

we finished the yummy, chocolate day at chocolate world, of course! we took the tour ride, for old time’s sake (you can’t visit hershey without taking the ride), bought some cookies and other treats, then were on the road.

it was a wonderful day, and I can’t thank beth enough for arranging it all. what a great idea! (and special thanks to marcia for the early birthday gift!)

can’t wait to go back!

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