first trip to dentist

a little help from dad

jackson took  his first trip to the dentist today, to the family smile center in frederick. our dental hygienist, sandy cha, took good care of him, helping him count his teeth (he has 20) and congratulating him on taking good care of them.

sandy used strawberry-flavored toothpaste to clean his teeth and flossed with a special animal-shaped kids’ flosser.

jackson’s favorite part was watching the television on the ceiling, though!

daddy was a real sport, holding onto jackson tightly while he had his exam.

at the end, jackson got to choose three stickers and a special prize from a gumball-type machine.


before we left he got a special photo taken with his friend, scuffy, and a blue balloon. just before this was taken, molly asked him to show us his teeth — and this is the face he kept making. too funny! we’ll be back in 6 months.

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