halloween in d-town

the kiddos

the farmer and his lamb (sheep?) made a second appearance this season, this time on halloween night in doylestown, pa. phoebe rode in style in a borrowed wagon filled with hay, jackson’s barn, and the other animals as we ventured up and down grandma and grandpa’s street searching for candy.

lots o' wet leavesit was a dark and rainy night, but lucky for jackson it wasn’t too spooky. the houses we visited had only friendly monsters and ghosts, and plenty of candy!

grandma and barb manning the porchgrandma and her friend, barb, manned the porch, giving away lots of lollipops in between gabbing!

checkin' the lootwhen we got back to the house, jackson wasted no time digging into his treats.


the girlsphoebe was so sad she couldn’t have any chocolate this year!

cool treethanks, doylestown, for a super spooky, sweet and delicious halloween 2009!

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