first visit to pa in 2009

only three weeks into the new year, and it was time to make our first trip north to pennsylvania! we had lots on our agenda, and managed to do pretty much everything in one weekend!

the trip started out a bit bumpy when we left later than expected and had to turn around 30 minutes in because we forgot our show tickets for saturday night at home.

but after the drama, we made it to collegeville just in time to see sarah and beth in action at the tarheels’ latest basketball game.

after the game, we enjoyed a pizza dinner and some hang out time with the barainyaks.

on saturday, molly and sarah took their annual birthday trip to the king of prussia mall for some shopping, milkshakes and snacks! the milkshakes are always the highlight of the trip, though we did manage to get some shopping done, too!

on saturday night, dave and molly made an escape to center city philly for dinner with friends and a near-front-row view of “an evening with ira glass” at the kimmel center. for those of you who know ira — the show was wonderful. very much a behind-the-scenes view of “this american life.”

on sunday, after a hearty dunkin’ donuts breakfast and some wii exercise with the barainyaks, we made a teary goodbye and were on the road to see our friends aaron and stacey in west chester. (thanks for the yummy lunch and fun visit, guys!)

all in all, we had a great time spending quality time with family and friends and visiting one of our favorite cities. we’ll be back again very soon!

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