portrait session favorites

at first we thought maybe a christmas portrait session wasn’t going to happen this year. dave’s been so busy with wedding work, we’ve all been sick on and off, and the days were speeding by. but leave it to amy raab to come to the rescue! she offered her studio — out of the blue studio in annapolis — for an impromptu session on the first saturday of december. hurrah!

this photo is INSANE. so many people have commented that it belongs in a magazine, and we agree. amy captured an awesome moment here — phoebe’s crossed legs and cute little smile were totally unplanned, as was jackson holding his sister’s hand. gorgeous! dave ordered a gigantic print of this for me for christmas, and I know I will cherish it for a long, long time.

jackson couldn’t get enough of this classic-looking tricycle. he’d actually never ridden one before, but he jumped on and started pedaling like a pro. it was difficult to get him off of it!

big thanks to molly’s sister, lynne, who got the kids both sets of outfits you see in these pictures. she has a knack for finding great clothes that look super on jackson and phoebe.

dave and molly didn’t plan to get in on the portraits too, but we don’t have many opportunities for a nice shot of all four of us together! so, that’s how we ended up with this “hat family” shot!

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