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  • snowmageddon 2010

    predictions of record-breaking snowfall, crippling the capitol region, came true. by our yardstick, about 32 inches fell on east church street from about 6 p.m., friday, through about 4 p.m., saturday. the snow came long and hard, quickly coating all our trees, our car, and even jackson’s basketball hoop in the backyard. on friday night,…

  • hanging around

  • let it snow!

    a few days before we left for christmas vacation, a massive winter storm dumped almost 2 feet of snow on frederick! and pennsylvania only got a fraction of that amount. what? are we in opposite world?? needless to say, all the boys in the spence household were super excited to run outside and play. so,…

  • tired boys

    the boys trying to chill on a warm summer morning.