let it snow!

a few days before we left for christmas vacation, a massive winter storm dumped almost 2 feet of snow on frederick! and pennsylvania only got a fraction of that amount. what? are we in opposite world?? needless to say, all the boys in the spence household were super excited to run outside and play. so, brooks, jackson and dave all put on their sweaters and boots and went for it!

this was just the beginning! so much snow, and all jackson had to wear was his rain boots. thank goodness that aunt beth came through a few days later with some snow boot hand-me-downs!

brooks likes to dig his nose deep into the snow and bound around, but he’s one of the first who wants to go back inside and get warm!

we don’t get snow like this very often, so we were actually happy to see it all over our patio! the best moment came the next morning when, without prompting, our neighbor came over with his snowblower and dug out our driveway! hurrah!

phoebe seemed unimpressed with her second-ever snow experience. just give her a few years!

jackson was all smiles later, after getting some warm clothes and lunch!

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