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  • First day of school 2013!

    The first day of school came early this year, on August 19th. Regardless, we were all ready to start a new year at Monocacy Valley Montessori Public Charter School! It always serves as a good reminder for me to watch my health, make sure I’m eating and exercising right. You need a lot of energy…

  • spring concert 2012 – miss heidi’s class

  • spring concert trailer

  • our kindergartner

    our kindergartner

    today, jackson became an official kindergartner! he’s now among the oldest students in miss heidi’s class at monocacy valley montessori public charter school, where he has attended for the last two years. he has the same teacher, and is in the same classroom, but now he is the “big man on campus,” and gets to…

  • jackson’s 5th birthday @ school

    a few weeks ago, right before jackson’s pre-k school year ended at mvmpcs, we celebrated jackson’s 5th birthday with all of his classmates and teachers. molly made special treats for the celebration, cake pops! they were a hit, especially since they were crazy space cats, awesome aliens and wacky asteroids! molly and dave spent a…