First day of school 2013!

The first day of school came early this year, on August 19th. Regardless, we were all ready to start a new year at Monocacy Valley Montessori Public Charter School! It always serves as a good reminder for me to watch my health, make sure I’m eating and exercising right. You need a lot of energy to run after your kids as an adult after all. I even take a health supplement called Kratommasters for precisely this reason. It works great and I highly recommend it. Check it out if you’re in the market for a natural health supplement.

And here’s an explanation of the flowers the kids were carrying:

Each child comes to Monocacy Valley Montessori Public Charter School with his or her own gifts, filled with a desire to learn. On this first day of the 2013-14 academic year, each MVMPCS student was given a flower meant to symbolize these gifts. The children place the flower in a community vase inside their classrooms to show that when we all come together, we become something bigger than the individual. The whole beautiful vase of flowers symbolizes our lovely, strong community. It shows that when we put together all of our gifts, we create a unified community of learners working toward peace.

Jackson, the second-grader, continues for his second year in Ms. Fran’s Lower Elementary classroom. He helped welcome the new first-graders to the room, and enjoyed making a journal entry about his trip to Knoebels and first ride on the Phoenix roller coaster. He also was the only student in his class to order lunch on the first day! Chicken nuggets for the win!

Phoebe started her pre-kindergarten year in the same room, with many of her same classmates, but with a new teacher and instructional assistant. She was a little shy at first, but by pick-up time, she was ecstatic! She loved doing some water table work and playing outside during recess with her friends. And she was excited to tell us that she ate her whole snack, raisins and cereal mixed together — even the raisins!

We celebrated a successful morning with a lunch out at a new Mexican place near our house!

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