easter 2009

dscn0371we started easter with some good, old-fashioned egg dyeing. we hit a few snags early on. first, our eggs are always delivered from our local dairy. this week we ordered an extra dozen, forgetting that they are brown! after a trip to the store for 6 nice, white eggs, we thought we were ready to go. but then we realized you need vinegar to mix the colors, and we only had a splash of white wine vinegar! luckily, we have a ton of the red wine kind! we made the best of it and the eggs turned out stellar. nice job, jackson and dave! (check out all our easter-related photos at this link.)

dscn0399dscn0396jackson was very proud of his colored eggs. out of the blue, while decorating them, he looked up and said with a very serious expression, “these look like beautiful!” he also “visited” his eggs almost every day in the fridge leading up to the weekend. when it was time to get in the car to head to nana and pop pop’s house, jackson said excitedly, “mama, we have to get the easters from the fridge!”

dscn0431this year jackson was able to hunt for eggs without a cast on his leg! and he was a pro. he knew exactly what to do without much coaching and quickly found his 15 eggs. the treats inside were a bonus — he would’ve been happy with the plastic eggs alone! (thanks to aunt jill and aunt lynne for putting it all together! great prizes as always.)


dscn0474on sunday, we put on our easter finest and headed to saint john bosco church. mommy brought the wrong shoes — but don’t look at his feet! concentrate on the mega-cute jacket and pants that aunt lynne helped us pick out!

dscn0482we wrapped up our easter visit to conyngham with a visit from the cousins of connecticut. jackson was more happy than he lets on in this picture to get a hug from eva! he really loved meeting his baby cousins, brody and clare, for the first time too!

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