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  • Lucky Number 7 for Jackson!

    Jackson turned 7 on July 13th, and we celebrated with friends at a rainbow-theme art party at The Delaplaine Visual Arts Education Center in Downtown Frederick! The party began with an art project, naturally. Jackson chose the Klimt Trees project, which involved creating an abstract tree in the style of artist Gustav Klimt (famous especially…

  • our valentines

    our valentines

    many months ago, during one of my pinterest browsing binges, I discovered the most creative, cutest little valentines I had ever seen. they showed a smiling kid, extending his hand, with a real, live lollipop stuck into it. what an awesome card! as soon as I saw it, I knew we had to make it…

  • sledding!

    sledding in d-town, right next to grandpa’s house! fun!

  • visit with great aunt meb

    visit with great aunt meb

    while visiting doylestown this week,  dave, phoebe and jackson took a little trip to visit with grandma’s aunt meb and her family! we had a blast with nancy, bob, kate, mark, and the kids! and of course great aunt meb, who is dave’s late grandfather, charles babcock’s little sister. she is such a fun lady…

  • happy 4th birthday, jackson!

    happy 4th birthday, jackson!

    we brought together many of jackson’s biggest loves — train rides, the circus, animals, bright colors, and his best friends — to celebrate his 4th birthday. the centerpiece of the party was a colorful cupcake tower, featuring the birthday boy on top, clowns, and of course, lots of sprinkles! (props go out to martha stewart’s…