our valentines

many months ago, during one of my pinterest browsing binges, I discovered the most creative, cutest little valentines I had ever seen. they showed a smiling kid, extending his hand, with a real, live lollipop stuck into it. what an awesome card! as soon as I saw it, I knew we had to make it happen for our own kids’ cards. I could never do this on my own. thank god I married a professional photographer

here’s what I love about my husband – I have an idea, I show it to him, and he always finds a way to make it happen. whether it’s a new patio in our backyard, a window-mounted seed starter kit for our vegetable garden, or silly-cute valentine cards for the kids, he looks at it, figures it out, and then does it! what a guy!

jackson handed out 34 of these babies to his classmates, teachers, and principals today, after hand-writing his name on the back of each. it seemed daunting at first, but when he was finished, he was so proud!

and speaking of proud… phoebe was pretty excited about her valentine breakfast this morning – heart-shaped pancakes with red, ripe strawberries! hooray!

happy valentines day, everybody! we love you!!

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