pit bbq heaven

after a great storyhour at thorpewood, with our friends tom and jillian, jackson and i decided to have a little bite to eat. we headed down to place molly and i tried to visit a few years ago. back then we made the unfortunate mistake of going to the wrong place. located in the foothills of the catoctin mountains, the little town of mountaindale is spread out along a road of the same name. the thing is, this little place has two general stores. and the both are called mountaindale general store! molly and i went to the “first” one, but a little bit more down the road brings you to the real deal. they do authentic texas pit bbq, and oh how good it was! tender and lean. nice sauce and crispy slaw to go with the beef. we even got some extra to take home to molly. so, if you are ever travelling down highway 15 in western maryland, take a little detour to mountaindale. it will be worth your while!

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