clare & brody’s baptism weekend

prepping the twins in their gowns

the spences finally made it up to connecticut to visit patrick and shannon and their brood of five kids! we made the trip last weekend for a very special occasion — the baptism of the twins, clare and brody. patrick and shannon honored molly by choosing her to be brody’s godmother! one of the highlights of being a godmother is getting to dress the babies in the elaborate christening gowns, being extra careful not to damage the fragile white layers! molly and cheyenne almost lost the babies in all those layers!

to see a collection of photos from the entire weekend, click here.

thumbs up for the gator

one of jackson’s favorite parts of the weekend was riding around on his cousin, quinn’s, gator! thumbs up to you, quinn, for the great rides! we can’t wait to come up to your house again.

bedtime story with nanaone of the best parts of the weekend was getting to spend so much quality time with family. jackson joined in on a bedtime story that nana was reading to cousin eva!

proud mamashannon sure does have her hands full with twin newborns and three other kids! but she’s doing a great job. the babies really respond to her every time she picks them up!

my new godson, brodybrody is a little sweetheart. we think he looks like a little old man, at four months old! jill decided to call him mister magoo, since patrick always called colin “ernie” when he was a little guy. (on a side note, it’s pretty crazy to realize how big and old colin has gotten — he’ll be 15 in a few months, and he’s now officially taller than molly!)

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  1. Dave and Molly, The pictures are great and I would like some copies, I have a mac computer/iphoto can you send the ones I want to my Mac or should I let you know which ones I want and you get them. Not sure how it works. Love the one of Molly and Brody, very pretty picture. it was so nice to have someone taking pictures that day. i usually do but was not feeling up to it, so thanks. Jackson is a cutie. I sent the pictures i took to Pat and Jack’s email as i did not have yours when I sent them. Good luck with the remaining months of your pregnancy Molly. Becky

  2. becky-

    if you click on the link in the blog entry, it will take you to the online gallery of images. you will then be able to download them there. if you have any trouble, email me @



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