day at the zoo

a few sundays ago, we decided to take advantage of our passes to the catoctin wildlife preserve and zoo and spend an hour or two with the animals. the best part of the visit was the animal encounter, during which we got to see several interesting animals up close — we even got to pet many of them!

molly’s favorite had to be the hedgehog — he was so tiny and cute. he felt like one of brooks’ rubber balls, but he was real! jackson was very interested in all of the animals, but had to be prompted to actually touch them. (don’t worry — a giant vat of hand sanitizer was provided once the program was over.)

jackson’s favorite animals to visit continue to be the monkeys — we spent lots of time in front of their cages, watching them chase one another and swing from dangling ropes. each time they jumped or squealed, jackson screamed in delight.

needless to say, we’ll be back at the zoo before the end of the season, for sure.

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