thanksgiving pics

it’s all too rare when all 11 of the fellin grandkids are at the same place at the same time! this thanksgiving, 10 of the kids managed to sit for a photo. we were missing the oldest, colin, who really seems more like an adult now than a kid, at 15 years old!

(from left, with their ages at the time of this picture: joshua, almost 5; brody, almost 1; quinn, 5 1/2; maura, 7 1/2; clare, almost 1; phoebe, almost 4 months; sarah, 9 1/2;  eva, 3;  jackson, 3 1/2;  jacob, 6)

we hadn’t seen the twins since their baptism, and boy have they changed! they are crawling everywhere and jackson thought that was hilarious. can’t wait for phoebe to get to that stage. we’re going to have a blast.

the oldest girl cousins, maura and sarah, couldn’t get enough of little phoebe. she’s like their little baby doll!

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  1. WOW!! What a great picture! I didn’t even know you took one. I need a 5X7 of the one with all the kids for my living room!

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