outer banks vacation

it’s been a while since our return from our great outer banks vacation, and lots has happened since then. but we collected some great photos and some great memories on the trip, which we still wanted to share here!

for the first time this year, we were able to stay the entire week for the spence group vacation. we arrived at tom and karen’s house in virginia on friday night after a long trip, then headed out with the group saturday morning to get an early start to duck. traffic was crazy, as usual, but we finally got there!

thanks to lindsay, we got the prime room in our house — the master suite! and we needed it! we brought a ton of stuff for the three of us. the best part of the room was that it overlooked the pool. every morning, jackson would wake up and run over to the windows and say “pool! jackson, suit on?”

and that’s pretty much what we did every day — swimming in the pool, swimming at the beach, play in the sand, lunch, naptime, then dinner with various family members.

one day, dave and molly went hang-gliding off the dunes near nags head. actually, molly went gliding while dave took photos of the group. what a crazy time that was — it took the entire day up to learn how to do it, then trek out to the dunes, then give everyone his or her turn at it. molly was super nervous, but she managed five pretty consistent, decent flights! it was definitely a day to remember. (see photos above)

another day, dave, molly and jackson traveled down to the north carolina aquarium in manteo. what a great little place! jackson really enjoyed watching all the different kinds of turtles swimming around. so, we bought a small stuffed one to take home with us. (we named him obie — for outer banks!)

the best part of the vacation was getting to spend lots of time with matt and naomi and all the other spence relatives. jackson loved being the center of attention for the week and hanging out with everyone. each night before he went to bed, he would go around to every family member and say “goodnight, (name), jackson taking sleep!” and give them a hug and kiss. too cute!

thanks to all for the great vacation. can’t wait to do it again.

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