christmas with the fellins

christmas started for us on december 23, as jackson, phoebe, dave and molly traveled first to eagle rock and stayed with the fitzgeralds. brooks stayed at home this year, and kept our friend, katie, company!

phoebe’s first christmas was very special because she got to spend it with so many family members. here she is with daddy in front of nana and pop pop’s christmas tree, just before christmas eve dinner. she ate her first pierogies soon after this photo was taken!

not sure where dave and phoebe are looking, but jackson and molly got the message!

josh just loves his baby cousin.

nana and pop pop were happy to have half their grandkids for christmas eve. the boys are all smiles — and they haven’t even opened their new hess trucks yet!

aunt beth spoiled her little godchild this christmas, as usual.

the fellin family tradition is for the youngest child to place the baby Jesus in the manger once christmas eve dinner is finished. this year, it was phoebe’s turn (with a little help from cousin sarah).

then the portraits began. we started with the ever-photogenic fitzgerald clan. looking good, colin, jill and tim!

next up: mom, lynne and dad!

the proud godfather, colin, with his well-accessorized godchild.

speaking of godchildren… lynne’s godson’s not so little anymore!

thanks for another memorable, and delicious, christmas eve, everyone. dave shot some nice videos of casino day at eagle rock and christmas eve dinner, etc., which we’ll post as soon as we can!

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