summer fun in sunny frederick

it’s been quite a while since we’ve blogged, and we’re sorry for our online absence! we’ve just been having too much fun since it’s turned to summertime!

jackson, dave and brooks have been very busy out in the backyard, digging like crazy to make us a new patio. since late may, they’ve been out there almost every day, pulling up the old bricks and prepping the area.

jackson is always such a big helper, using his shovel to fill up the back of his little yellow dump truck with dirt and yelling “digger, dumper, truck… digger, dumper, truck!”

jackson is also a great helper in the kitchen. it all started one day in may, when molly was cooling off some hardboiled eggs in a bowl near the sink. jackson pulled over his stool, grabbed one of the eggs and started smashing it against the side of the sink. he then proceeded to perfectly peel it, and the three others in the bowl! now, he can’t get enough of egg-peeling or potato-washing, every chance he gets!

and finally, we have some photos from the woodsboro carnival, to kick off frederick county’s bountiful fireman’s carnival season. yummy food, and jackson’s first ride — he didn’t want to get off!

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